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Celebrate your Imperfections!

Find Beauty where You Don't Expect It

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This is ratings community for those who are not blonde, blue eyed, stick thin and have huge breasts. Your imperfections are celebrated here!

The first ten people who sign up are accepted irregardless (unless you're absolutely completely flawlessly beautiful, in that case you're in the wrong rating community.)

The moderators are myself agonystar and spidersilk.

Not that looks matter, but post at least one picture of yourself. Good, bad, we don't care. The only requirement is that it's REALLY YOU, not just someone who looks like you.


Please use on this. Very easy...

OK, fill this out and answer the questions creatively and truthfully. Creativity is more important than anything else here. For example, on the SNL sketch question, just don't say something like, "the one with Chris Farley" because that doesn't count for anything. Which one? One of the Matt Foley motivational speaker talks? The Chippendales skit with Patrick Swayze? The hidden camera coffee skit? Just saying "the one with Chris Farley" is a half-assed answer.

The survey is lj-cut for your convenience. Just go ahead & cut and paste it...very simple.

< lj - cut text = " the application" >

just like that but without the spaces

1. One thing you said as a child that got you into trouble?

2. What would be your one regret if you were to be struck by lightning and die right now?

3. Who is your favorite Batman?

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

5. Favorite SNL sketch?

6. Quote a movie:

7. Who’s your favorite comedian?

8. Who is your favorite character from (choose any one of the following): Friends, Scrubs, Will & Grace or Frasier, and explain why you chose that person and why they are your favorite.

Name your five favorite books

Name your five favorite movies

List three unique facts about yourself

If you could have anyone, living or dead, over to your house for dinner, who would it be and what would you serve them? And why?

Once you are approved you can start voting in other members. And remember, we are here to CELEBRATE OUR IMPERFECTIONS!